Well the last few days have been rough for many of us.  My heart is so heavy for so many reasons.  For the ones who feel like they have no place in this country.  For the ones who feel unknown and unloved.  For the born and the unborn who are not treated as human beings.  I don't want to talk about my personal political opinions here because I just don't feel like it is the place.  I just know that I am for love, kindness, justice, peace and the respect of every human being regardless of what religion, race or sexual preference.  

So here we are as a country with a slogan placed upon us: Make America Great Again.  I have been thinking a lot about what that says and doesn't say.  First, I have thought a lot about who America is to me.  I see America as a collective person.  Maybe I see her more as a woman, especially since the symbol of our country is the beautiful, strong woman: the Statue of Liberty.  So when I hear "Make America Great Again", I hear it as someone saying "Make (Misty) great again."  Put in any woman's name there that you would like.  Who wants to be told that they need to be great again?  If someone told me that, I would probably laugh and walk away thinking they need to look at their own shit.  And maybe its also because I don't like to be told what to do.  But I don't know many who do like to be told what to do.  So there's that.  

Second, the idea of making America great again just sends me the wrong message.  Like I said above I don't know many people who want to be made to do something.  I like the idea of inviting instead of making.  Invite America to be great again sounds a bit better.  Though it still just doesn't ring true to me.  

So that leads me to my third point: when did America become not so great?  The America I live in is far from perfect but I am so grateful to live here and to be born into such a beautiful, free country.  What are we telling our children to give them the idea that America is not great?  I don't believe that is what we should focus our time, energy and money on - greatness seems individualistic.  I want to live towards something bigger than myself.  

So I propose a new slogan for our country.  Yeah, I know, maybe just a few people actually have read this far down but, hey, a girl can dream, right?  My proposal for America's slogan is (drumroll please).... Invite America to Love Again.  If someone asked me to love them again, it would soften me, give me hope, propel me towards them.  I am more and more convinced that love and kindness really can change our world.  Not greatness.  Not power.  Not riches.  Just pure and simple love towards our fellow humans.  

Today I am hopeful.  I see those around me that desire to change our country for the better.  That want to rid ourselves of the dirtiness in politics.  I believe that our generation will rise up and there will be a new kind of America.  This is not the end.  Sometimes it takes hitting the bottom to realize what is needed.  So I stand with all of you and continue the fight towards love for ALL mankind.  And I am still proud to be an American.