This is Misty

Things I love: my kids, popcorn, genuine people, inappropriate humor, thrift shopping, reading, coffee+wine, dancing, fishing, music, kindness, 90s romantic comedies, campfires, mexican food, traveling, my family+friends.


Things I don't love: my kids fighting, kettle popcorn, fake people, forced humor, outlet shopping, classic novels, iced coffee, people being afraid to dance, touching a fish, reggae music, war, 90s scary movies, smores, sour cream, airplane turbulence, loneliness.  


Thanks for caring enough to find out a bit more about me!  I am so grateful for the ability to do this kind of work.  It truly is one of God's greatest gifts to me and I don't take it lightly.  It is my desire to place my heart and soul in each photograph so that you & those to follow can remember what will soon be forever gone.  Moments are moments.  And they come and go quickly.  Let me be the one to capture them for you.